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Activity Discussion General Discussion What do you mean by moral science? Reply To: What do you mean by moral science?

  • Shivani

    June 25, 2021 at 8:38 am
    Not Helpful

    Moral science teaches you the moral values. It teaches you certain ways and behavior that you have got to follow in order to mingle and get alone in society in order to keep up your relationship. Its mostly rules and procedures that shows justice towards the society. Merits are:- It helps in building good and friendly relationship with people around you and will teach you how to behave in a society. Also will help you know what is right and wrong. It will teach you not to carry out any immoral behavior in yourself as it is injustice towards the society. Demerits are:- Too much of moral values will not help you have a happy life and if ever you see something of small immoral matter in the society it will disturb you a lot. You are living in a society you can’t see everything in moral way, like for eg: while you are in a queue if a person cuts it and gets in between you will feel very frustrated, in a matter of time you will burst into flames. Its because you have too much of moral values in you.

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