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Activity Discussion Essay Which is our National Bird? Reply To: Which is our National Bird?

  • Mahima

    June 25, 2021 at 6:18 pm
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    The peacock is a bird of great national significance in India. Most notably, the bird is well-known for its bright colors. The Peacock is well-known for its stunning beauty. Its lovely colors quickly soothe the eyes. The Peacock plays an important religious role in Indian cultures. As a result, the peacock was designated as India’s national bird.

    Peacocks are the species’ males. They have a wonderfully lovely look. On top of the head, a peacock has a feather crest. The Peacock’s most notable feature is its exquisitely gorgeous tail. This tail is known as a train. Furthermore, after 4 years of hatching, this train is completely grown. The rear of the bird develops display feathers. These feathers are also a component of the huge, extended upper tail. The train feathers lack barbs to keep the feathers in place. As a result, the feathers’ connection is shaky.

    The Peacock’s rear wings are greyish brown in color. Another thing to keep in mind is that the back wings are short and drab. Peacocks eat a variety of foods. They also feed on seeds, insects, fruits, and even small animals. They also dwell in tiny groups. A group will most likely consist of a single male and 3-5 females. To avoid predators, they like to dwell on the high branches of a large tree. When under danger, peacocks prefer to flee rather than fly. Most notably, peacocks are quick on their feet.

    The peacock is a magnificent bird. As a result, they have served as a source of inspiration for artists. A sight of this bird may fill the heart with joy. The peacock is a true symbol of Indian flora and fauna. It is unquestionably India’s pride.

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