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Activity Discussion Environment What is the greenhouse effect? Reply To: What is the greenhouse effect?

  • tanya

    June 25, 2021 at 10:59 pm
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    A greenhouse is a structure that is generally made up of glass. Temperature and humidity can be controlled in a greenhouse for the protection of plants. A natural phenomenon that warms the Earth’s surface and troposphere is called the Greenhouse effect.

    The greenhouse effect is induced by the presence of water vapor in the air, along with some other gases like carbon dioxide, methane, etc. These gases are called greenhouse gases. Of all those gases, water vapor has the most long-lasting effect.

    The atmosphere admits most of the visible light from the Sun to pass through and enter Earth’s surface. As the Earth’s surface is warmed by sunlight, it reflects part of this energy towards space in the form of infrared radiation. This radiation, unlike visible light, directs to be incorporated by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, increasing its temperature. The heated atmosphere, in turn, reflects the infrared radiation towards the Earth’s surface.

    Though we know that the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon but mankind has a lot to do with this effect. This tremendous increase in the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is just because of human activities. Human beings are the reason behind many of the problems that the country is facing these days. We are advised by the government not to use Chlorofluorocarbons i.e. CFCs, which add to the greenhouse gases.

    The greenhouse gases trap heat in them and then warm the Earth’s surface. Greenhouse gases comprise of carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, and some other fluorinated gases. These molecules in our atmosphere are termed greenhouse gases as they assimilate the heat particles within them. These gases have a huge impact on our environment.

    We know all the reasons behind this increase in the greenhouse effect and we can do a lot to prevent our environment, but nothing is being done by the people.

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