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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Traffic Hazard on My City. Reply To: Write an essay on Traffic Hazard on My City.

  • Shivani

    June 27, 2021 at 8:41 pm
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    Road problems are one of the most common problems in big cities around the world. Cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities in the United States and Europe are experiencing daily traffic congestion.

    The urban transport system is a major challenge for governments as it requires state-of-the-art vehicles and state of the art roads for public transport. There are many causes for road problems, but the effects of long-term traffic congestion are only frustration and anger.

    Road Problems

    Being stuck in a car for too long leads to an unproductive time. Time to stay idle and arriving late for your appointment causes frustration and anger in the person. An angry drive increases road rage.

    Increased pollution levels due to oil spills. Stopping, accelerating and re-stopping the car lead to unnecessary emissions of carbon dioxide.

    Noise pollution is increasing due to additional axes and overcrowding. These long traffic jams can be debilitating.

    Emergency vehicles, such as firefighters and ambulances, get stuck in traffic jams.

    People can arrive late for important meetings and cut down on time, sometimes speeding and causing accidents.

    Gasoline spills when cars are trapped in traffic jams.

    People who have to travel every day like office walkers and students feel completely exhausted after long traffic jams.

    The chances of accidents and damage increase due to the emergence of solid spaces between vehicles.

    The car’s price drops due to frequent acceleration and brakes.

    Conclusion on the subject of traffic problems

    Traffic jams are part of our daily routine. It is one of the main causes of air pollution and noise pollution. The government and concerned citizens are taking many steps to avoid road problems. The use of public transport is encouraged by the government. Liverpool is a powerful solution to avoid bringing too many cars on the road. Citizens follow the rules of the road strictly; the role of government in ensuring that all traffic laws are complied with. The traffic control system needs to be regulated, and road infrastructure needs to be improved as a public service. Improving public transport infrastructure is a must to encourage people to use it more often. It is possible to prevent road problems, but we need to work on it honestly.

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