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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Traffic Hazard on My City. Reply To: Write an essay on Traffic Hazard on My City.

  • Mahima

    June 28, 2021 at 12:55 am
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    The advancement of the world has provided us with many benefits, but it has also provided us with some drawbacks. Traveling to distant areas has gotten more pleasant and faster as the automotive industry has grown. However, it has the drawback of causing traffic bottlenecks. Traffic congestion is one of the hazards of city living.

    The flow of cars and pedestrians through a region or along a route is referred to as traffic. The primary issue with traffic comes when a large number of people commute at the same time, causing traffic congestion on the road. The demand for automobiles is increasing, yet the state of the roads causes traffic congestion.

    One of the most prevalent challenges in urban centers across the world is traffic congestion. Every day, cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and others experience traffic congestion.

    The urban transportation system is a significant issue for governments since it necessitates the employment of cutting-edge vehicles and roadways constructed specifically for public transit. There are several causes for traffic issues, but the aftereffects of being detained in traffic for an extended period are simply irritation and fury.


    1)Being delayed in traffic for a lengthy period wastes time.

    2)The time spent sitting idly and being late for an appointment causes a person to get frustrated and angry. Road rage is exacerbated by aggressive driving.

    3)Pollution levels rise as a result of fuel waste. Halting, accelerating, and then stopping again results in the wasteful emission of carbon dioxide.

    4) When automobiles are delayed in traffic, gasoline is wasted.

    5) People who have to commute regularly, such as office workers and students, are utterly exhausted following long traffic jams.

    6) The vehicle’s value depreciates as a result of repeated gear changes.

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