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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on “Education of girls”. Reply To: Write an essay on “Education of girls”.

  • Mahima

    June 29, 2021 at 2:00 pm
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    According to demographics, India is one of the most populous countries. However, the country’s rate of female education is relatively low. It’s extremely upsetting to see the numbers in a country where women are treated as deities. To some extent, the numbers have improved, but there is still a long way to go.

    Women were not even permitted to leave their homes in ancient India, but changes are changing. People’s thinking is evolving in tandem with time. They want their daughters to be educated and successful in life. This is not the situation in rural India, which accounts for more than 60% of the population.


    There are a variety of issues that make it difficult for females to obtain an education in our nation. To begin with, the poverty rate is concerning. Even though education is now free, sending females to school still costs a lot of money. As a result, families that are struggling to make ends meet are unable to pay their children’s educational expenditures.

    Second, there aren’t many schools in remote regions. As they are positioned distant from the settlements, this presents a distance issue. Students in certain places must walk for three to four hours to get to school. This is where the girls’ safety is jeopardized, thus their parents are reluctant to send them so far.

    Furthermore, people’s backward mindset makes it more difficult for girls to obtain an education. Some people still assume that girls are supposed to stay at home and take care of the kitchen. They do not want women to do anything other than housework.

    We must educate our girl children if we want to see India flourish and prosper. They are, undoubtedly, our country’s future. Furthermore, once educated, individuals will no longer be dependent on others for a living.

    One of the most significant advantages of female education is that the country’s future will be brighter and better. Similarly, our economy may expand quicker if more and more women achieve financial independence, therefore reducing poverty.

    Most significantly, educated women can lead to a reduction in societal concerns such as corruption, underage marriage, domestic violence, and others. They will gain confidence and be able to better manage their families in all aspects. As a result, we can see how one educated woman may affect so much change in her life and the lives of others.

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