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Activity Discussion Essay Why is learning english important? Reply To: Why is learning english important?

  • tanya

    June 29, 2021 at 2:43 pm
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    Although Hindi is our native language but people prefer English more these days. English is one of the most preferred languages throughout the world. It is one such language that acts as a medium for most people for communication. Different people have different opinions about this language, but in my opinion, there is no harm in learning diverse languages.

    Our country, India, is known for its only language Hindi but there are many places where people don’t know Hindi, but they know English. Learning the English language will make it easier for people to communicate with people in those areas. Nowadays, people are moving towards digital platforms, so it has become mandatory to learn English as a language as all the digital platforms use English as their medium language. Although there are many brands that customize the language section according to people’s preferences, still there are many brands that are available only in English. English is the only language that can be used when a person has to travel outside India. Apart from literature and foreign language studies, all other books are in English.

    It is known for a fact that one should not forget one’s mother tongue, but one should always be open to more learning. It doesn’t harm anyone to learn English as a language. Learning English will just open the success doors for people. Also, it makes a person look more sophisticated. In our homes, generally, we use our mother tongue to communicate, but at workplaces or in some meetings, people are required to speak in English so as to put a nice and humble first impression in front of others.

    Today, the scenario is like English is accepted everywhere and even we can see signboards on the roads in English. It is beneficial not only for Indians but also for foreign tourists to communicate when they come to India.

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