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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why vaccination is important? State the steps how to increase the awareness amon Reply To: Why vaccination is important? State the steps how to increase the awareness amon

  • Aruja

    June 29, 2021 at 4:13 pm
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    Vaccination is very important to protect yourself from this deadly virus. you know that all over the world this virus is taking life of lakhs of people. to protect ourselves from this virus we have to take some very important precautions and safety actions and one of these are getting vaccinated. each country has launched their vaccination program under which you are getting vaccinated under the government organised scheme. if you are not getting vaccinated it is gonna be so harmful for you that the chances of you getting infected by covid-19 is very high because it is spreading vigorously that we can’t just protect ourself from wearing a mask and performing social differences and of course you cannot stay in your house for a long long period of time, you have to go out and work and earn the living and also try staying inside your house for a long time. It can be really bad for your health and government don’t want that, so they are getting their people vaccinated so that they can start a healthy and new life after this pandemic.

    Government should advertise the vaccination program on the TV shows radio and many different platforms like on Instagram Twitter YouTube on all the famous Social Media Program where all the people can get to know about this program.

    Each person who has got vaccinated should encourage their known ones to get vaccinated and government should have a record that in a family who had got vaccinated and who are left.

    India is a large country so area should be divided for a particular team in which they can work and they should focus on that particular area so that everyone should get vaccinated.

    The population of India is over 1.3 billion so it is impossible to to have a count of people that who has been vaccinated from where they are vaccinated so that’s why division should be done of areas and teams that can help everyone throughout the country.

    The citizens need to be patient and responsible Till they get vaccinated they are only responsible for their health.

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