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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on favorite food Reply To: Essay on favorite food

  • Ishita

    June 29, 2021 at 7:06 pm
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    My favorite food

    India is famous for varieties of food. Indian as known to be heavy eaters. As a Indian I am also a big foodie. I am from the east side of India. I lived in Kolkata in West Bengal. So I am basically a bengali. So as a typical bengali I love sweets and Dhali(Yogurt). I also love to eat fish and meat. I am basically a non vegetarian. So I love the varieties of non-vegetarian foods like chicken, mattan, fish and everything. I also love to eat Chinese food like noodles, chili chicken, fried rice, drumstick and Pizza, burger, French fries , I know those are junk food. But it’s okay to have it once in a month or weeks. But if you ask what is that one food which I can’t live without? It will be Biriyani. I love Briniyani more than any food. I love to eat the Briniyani my mother makes for me. She is a great Cook. I eat that anytime, anywhere. Eating this always makes me happy. If I am in a bad mood anytime, it revives my mood. Food has a great impact on life. We all work hard just to have proper food on our table. I don’t like to eat Street food that much. But once in a month it’s okay to have it. Though Biryani is my favorite food, I know it contains oil, fat, and calories so I tried to avoid eating it. But like I said it will always be my favorite food. Biriyani is always my favorite but I love sweetest as well. I am a big sweet love, I love Rosogolla, Misti doing, khir kodom and all. But I always tried to have healthy food to stay healthy.

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