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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on Badminton Reply To: Essay on Badminton

  • Ishita

    June 29, 2021 at 8:01 pm
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    Badminton is a famous indoor game that is played with a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock. The shuttlecock was a small cork with a hemisphere with 16 geese that was attached and weighing about 5 grams. These kinds of the shuttle may still be useful nowadays. But the shuttles generally used are made by synthetic materials and also allowed by BWF which is the short name of the badminton world federation. Badminton is based in the country of England. The game was first played there in 1873. The root of this game is also traced in China, India and Greece. The badminton world federation known as BWF is the powerfully embodies the sport worldwide. This governing body was formed in 1934. Badminton is famous in Indonesia, Japan, Denmark, and Malaysia. In the year 1977 the first championship under BWF was organised. There are a number of regional,national, and zonal tournaments which are organised in many countries. One of the famous tournaments of badminton is the All-England championships. It is the international and well-known tournaments which include the Thomas cup,Uber cup and. Badminton was first played in the Olympics in 1972. In 1992 it was under full medel category. The competition included men’s as well as women’s doubles and mixed doubles were introduced in the 1996 Olympics. The court for badminton is rectangular 13.4 meters long and 5.2 meters wide for the singles match. And the net is 1.5 meters high and stretches throughout the width of the court at its center. There is a clear space of 1.3 meters around the court. The rules of the game is volleying the shuttlecock back and forth across the net, the shuttlecock should not touch the ground or floor within the court boundaries, these rules should always keep in mind. Badminton is a very enjoyable and famous indoor games, all if the adults and children are love to play it.

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