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Activity Discussion Essay How to overcome depression Reply To: How to overcome depression

  • Anushree

    June 29, 2021 at 9:55 pm
    Not Helpful

    Depression and anxiety are very common problem these days starting from teenager to elderly adults anyone and everyone can face this at any point in life and they equally affect us as any physical disease does, many people don’t take mental health seriously but it is outmost necessary to do so. Here are a few simple daily habits which will help you to deal with depression:

    1. Stay away from negative thoughts, and always try to focus on the filled part of the glass and try not to worry about the empty.

    2. Practice meditation regularly it helps to calm one’s mind and helps in relaxing the brain.

    3. Try to stay out from field where you feel irritated and also do try ignoring unnecessary mess.

    4. Physical exercising is a must for a healthy mind as it keeps the body fit and also helps keeping negativity away.

    5. The physical environment where one spends time and the company of people with which one spend time also plays a key role in determining the and dealing with depression issues.

    6. One must also take care of the diet, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended and one must take care that proper diet is consumed.

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