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Activity Discussion Environment How to purify the water naturally? Reply To: How to purify the water naturally?

  • Shivani

    June 30, 2021 at 3:58 pm
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    At some point in the world, the water is very clean, and this happens naturally. Nowadays, as we block the natural forces to do so, we need to look back at how it happened and find ways to regenerate that wheel. Fortunately, that is quite possible, and most people already exist. Here are a few ways to join them:

    1. The Sun

    Sunlight is a great way to take in clear water, without a lot of sewage and the like, from a clean appearance to cleanliness, and it depends only on the planet’s greatest energy source: the sun. Clean or filtered water should be placed in a clear glass container and left in the sun for at least six hours, and the sun’s rays and heat will eliminate any diseases that can cause waterborne diseases. PET bottles can also be an effective container option as well, but PVC should be completely avoided.


    2. Boiling

    This is a camper classic because it is basic and easily accessible to anyone with a pot and cooking stove. To ensure that all bacteria are killed, water should be stored in the moving intestine for at least five minutes, adding another minute to every 1000 feet above sea level. Some chemicals will be removed as steam, but in order to remove solids, metals, and minerals, boiled water must be allowed to settle. Purified water can be drained from the top. Separating water can suggest this process is another note.

    3. Gravity

    Yes, gravity filters are another effective method. While some may doubt the ultimate results, many may be content to drink this water over tap water. Basically, the composition requires a container that allows water to drain out and spill over. Filter layers of activated coal, sand, and small stones (from bottom to top) and remove small particles continuously. If the water is cloudy or the user is unsure, this method can definitely be used to clean it before using one of the methods to close the germs contract.

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