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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on football Reply To: Essay on football

  • Mahima

    June 30, 2021 at 6:28 pm
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    Football is a game that millions of people all around the world like and enjoy watching. It is a worldwide game since it is played by all nations, large and small.

    Furthermore, it is an excellent relaxant, stress reducer, and teacher of discipline and cooperation. Aside from that, it helps to maintain the body and mind fit and healthy. It is a team game, which makes it more fun since it teaches people the value of sportsmanship. Leadership and unity are essential.

    Football’s History

    Football may be traced back to the Greeks’ ancient days. Everyone knows that the Greeks were superb athletes who developed several games.

    Football is something that occurs to one of them. Football is a comparable game that is played in many nations, but the most recent version of football that we are familiar with originated in England. Similarly, England established the first rule of the game. Football has advanced in ways we can’t conceive since that day.

    Football’s Importance

    Football is an important game from both the standpoint of the viewer and the participant. This 90-minute game is packed with action and thrills.

    Furthermore, it maintains the athlete psychologically and physically fit as well as disciplined. And this 90-minute game puts their sportsmanship, patience, and tolerance to the test.

    In addition, all of this allows you to meet new people and hone your skills. Above all, it is a worldwide game that fosters international peace.

    India’s football

    Looking back a few years, we can conclude that football was not a popular sport in most states, except West Bengal. Furthermore, Indians are uninterested in football. Similarly, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has little finances and government backing.

    However, the situation has now entirely altered. At the moment, football equals the standard of cricket in the country. Aside from that, the country hosts several football events each year.

    Above all, because football is unpopular, many people are unaware that we have under-17 and under-23 teams, as well as a football squad.

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