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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is reading story books a good habit? Reply To: Is reading story books a good habit?

  • Shivani

    July 1, 2021 at 8:44 am
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    They say why books are your best friends. While growing up is a very good practice that you can focus on reading because it becomes what you learn. The books you read play a very important role in your development as they guide your life journey. Here are a few of the personality traits that are strongly influenced by the general practice of reading.

    Improves Communication

    Books are the best way to get acquainted with unfamiliar words in the English language. Reading books will help you learn new words and show you the different ways you can use them in your daily conversation. This will ultimately improve your personal vocabulary. And understanding the grammar of any language, reading material and articles in that language will increase your understanding of it.

    Better Perceptive Powers

    Children who develop the habit of reading at an early age are better able to understand situations and develop better comprehension than those who do not. They are able to understand difficult situations and analyze the cause and effect of the situation on maturity. To develop early reading skills, try to read aloud and take the child’s steps in developing them. Don’t be hard on yourself, enjoy reading.

    Includes Information

    There is no denying the fact that learning conveys information to a person. Gaining insight makes you feel confident about the subject and stimulates your interest in the depth of the material. With the development of the mind, the school curriculum also includes a variety of interesting topics so that students are interested in the subject from an early age.

    Sleep Equipment

    Pre-bed reading helps to combat insomnia better than indulging in fully functional electronic devices. Books help your sleep naturally and involve your brain in information before going to bed. Mentally it is recommended that people should think about healthy thoughts before going to bed. A good book read before bedtime can work wonders for peace of mind.

    Escape from the Real World

    Books give a person unrestricted freedom to explore the world of myth. Authors and readers are free to take their favorite topics and open the gates of the false world in their minds. Some fiction works wrap book after book but may lose the grip of the readers in the series. It is because creative minds are powerful sources of delightful entertainment and we would be very grateful if we could learn some of those amazing creations.

    It Builds Personality

    This point shows the phrase ‘be what you learn’ completely. A good book can reveal you to be a better person. It can enhance your emotional growth, social engagement, cultural awareness and industrial intelligence. Books are a way to discover your hidden personality with the help of the same tool that you can periodically check your personal growth.

    Savior in Bethlehem

    When long summer days get harder and harder, even with all that social media has to offer, books work like magic. You just need to be patient at first. The rest will just be the passage of time in a remote place somewhere! Long journeys or boring waiting rooms can turn into the most beautiful fairy tale lands or a place with great crime by turning the pages. Depending on where your book is headed, will it?

    Mental Peace Management

    In the stressful days of this busy world, it is extremely difficult to keep yourself clean and forget about peace. However, reading a small chapter of a heartwarming book or a good story will ease your mind and help you to calm down. So the next time you feel down, sit down with a hot cup of coffee and a nice, dignified book. Some will work as a treatment.

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