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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on cricket Reply To: Essay on cricket

  • Mahima

    July 1, 2021 at 3:51 pm
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    Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport that involves the usage of a bat and a ball. It is without a doubt one of the most popular sports in the world. This game is played by two teams of 11 players each. The basic goal of the game is to score the most runs. It is played on a pitch on a well-maintained field for the same purpose. Cricket is very popular in England and India. Cricket has a lot of potentials, which allows players to earn a lot of money. Cricket does not have a single format, but rather a number of them. Similarly, each format has its own set of regulations and time limits.

    Cricket Formats

    Cricket has several distinct formats, each with its fan following. Some individuals enjoy watching test matches because they are intense and real. While some people love Twenty-20, which requires no interaction and is very engaging. Test Matches are a very classic cricket format.

    This match can last up to five days and pits two countries against one other. The National League Systems, often known as counties in England, come next. Their duration ranges between three and four days.

    Limited Overs Cricket is another type in which the format and length of the game are determined by the number of episodes. Both teams play a single inning, and the outcomes are determined as a result.

    Cricket is a religion in India, and the players are revered as demi-gods. It is the most-watched sport in India, and many even leave school and work when a major international match is taking place.

    Cricket unifies Indians like no other, and everybody, from children to seniors, keeps a record of the cricket score just when the Indian team plays.

    Cricket, in its different forms, is appreciated by people all over the world. Even corporate titans are investing in the game to capitalize on its popularity. The cricket board is taking different steps to make the games more attractive, such as creating the Indian Premier League and other events. In summary, it is reasonable to state that cricket is more than a sport in our nation. It is an emotion. It brings people together for the greater benefit. It also enhances our relationships with other countries and preserves the spirit of sportsmanship.

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