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Activity Discussion General Discussion Time is money Reply To: Time is money

  • Ishita

    July 2, 2021 at 2:16 pm
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    Time is Money:-

    Time is money. The phrase basically means that time is very precious and priceless. This phrase means to earn money but what’s important to understand is that we cannot use the money to get our lost time back. It makes us understand that time is more precious than money or any other thing in the world. Time is precious to everyone in this world. Like once we grow up our childhood never comes back. All students try hard to get good marks. People make use of their precious time for important issues to do their best to fulfil their dreams. It is because we are aware that time will not wait for anyone. We live our life once. This is up to us how we use our time. We can spend it by gaining a lot of achievements or we can spoil it by wasting precious time. Intelligent people always spend the most of their time accurately but living each moment to the fullest. It’s not okay to always run towards achievement like a robot, but we have to live the moment happily as it never comes back, thus time is worth it for us. Time is more valuable than money. It is because you can earn money at any time in life, but it is not the case for time. Once a time passes, you can’t let any single second of your back . A successful person always uses time efficiently. Time is something we get and we have all the right to use it as we want.But the difference is when we lose money, we can always get it back in one way or another. But when we lose time, we can never get it back at any cost. Time is definitely more important than money, we all can experience the truth at a time in our lives. So we should never waste time and always spend it efficiently and happily.

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