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Activity Discussion Environment Roots Reply To: Roots

  • tanya

    July 2, 2021 at 4:14 pm
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    Like human beings have hearts, trees have roots. Roots are the most significant organ of the trees. They are mainly used to bind the trees with the soil. Also, they are used to transport food, water, and minerals to all the parts of the plant. Most often, they grow below the soil but, they can also grow above the ground, especially water.

    The root is the descending portion of the plant which usually penetrates inside the soil and assists the plant in the process of fixation and absorption. The root that develops from the radicle is known as the primary root. The primary roots further give rise to lateral branches that are termed secondary branches. The branches that become further branched are known as tertiary branches.

    Plants basically have three types of root systems- Fibrous roots, taproots, and adventitious roots. In many monocotyledons, also known as monocots, the primary roots either die very early or their growth stops after a certain limit. New roots develop from the base of the radicle which are called seminal roots. After some time, several roots develop from the base of the plumule. These roots are fiber-like and are therefore known as fibrous roots. They are collectively known as the fibrous root system.

    The roots that are found in dicotyledon plants or dicots are known as taproots. These roots are formed by the continuous growth of radicles. Taproots are generally found in the Mango tree. The roots that develop from primary roots are called Fibrous roots, the roots that develop from radicles are known as taproots, the roots that do not develop from either of these are known as adventitious roots. They may develop from any other region of the plants’ body like leaves, stems, etc.

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