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Activity Discussion Essay How can we save environment? Reply To: How can we save environment?

  • Ishita

    July 3, 2021 at 11:17 am
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    Save our environment

    Nature is the most essential part of our life. It give us everything, a ground to live, water to drink, fruits and vegetables to eat etc. So it is our responsibility to protect it in every possible way. If we can protect it then it will be protect us from everything. So it will just make us profitable, right? Only we, human being have the power to protect our environment nobody else don’t. There’s some ways to protect our environment. Like-

    Plant trees– Trees are the main reason of existence. Only trees can produce oxygen by which we can breathe. So the most effective way to protect environment is plant tree.

    Avoid Non-biodegradable products:- We always have to avoid the non biodegradable products like plastic. It is very harmful for our environment. So always try to use biodegradable product, like-rubber, paper, wood, leafs.

    By preventing pollution:- Pollution is very dangerous for our environment .There are different kinds of pollution like,- water pollution,soil pollution,air pollution etc. We should always tried to prevent pollution for Keep our environment healthy.

    Clean our places:- We should always be clean and healthy. For a clean and healthy environment stop trow trash outside, always throw it in dustbin. Otherwise it will make our outside look dirty and make our environment unhealthy.

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