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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why should we respect others? Reply To: Why should we respect others?

  • Aruja

    July 3, 2021 at 11:52 am
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    Respect is the moral value that no matter you know the person or not you have to show this, whether they are strangers, your elder, older than you, your known, relative, friend, etc. There is no criteria for this value, you cannot love a stranger, you cannot care for a stranger as much as you care for your friends your relatives your known people. These are also the moral values like love, care cheerfulness, etc, but respect is a moral value that helps you to build your image, if you cannot show respect to others no one will able to show respect to you and if there is no respect then there is no equality or we can say the understanding, the acceptance of different opinion and these all things are very important to maintain the peace. There is a very famous phrase that place respect goes both ways you give respect take respect and this is actually really true.

    To find out whether the person is worth respect or not first of all we should respect them and if they respect you back it’s very simple that they worth it or if they disrespect new in return for respect then you should definitely this ignore them. Picture very simple phenomena of life no matter the person is is elder than you if he doesn’t respect you they don’t worth the respect if the person is younger than you if they are respecting you you should respect them. Age it is just a number it never defines the Inna reality of a person if someone is older than you that doesn’t mean that they can disrespect you it doesn’t mean that they can insult you or say whatever they want to you. You should always stand for yourself

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