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Activity Discussion Essay The cow Reply To: The cow

  • Ishita

    July 3, 2021 at 1:24 pm
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    The cow

    The cow is a very harmless and useful animal. It is a domestic animal. Many people keep cows in homes for benefit. It is a four footed animal with a big body. It has two eyes, two ears , two horns, one nose and one mouth. They help the whole of mankind in various ways. It provides us with many resources. It gives us milk. Milk is a very important thing to us. We need it daily. We drink milk to stay healthy and fit. Milk has a lot of benefits which keep all diseases away from us. Milk, on the other hand, produces many products like butter, curd, cream, cheese, sweets and many more. Framers also use them in farming. The cow’s dung is a very rich fertilizer. It produces fuels and biogas. Cow leather is also used in making shoes, bags, jackets and many more. In India cows are considered as holy animals. According to Hindu sastra, cows are considered to be God as the majority of Indian people are hindu so they are forbidden to do any harm to the cows. It is considered as a mother in Hinduism. So it’s a big sin to kill a cow. It has many organizations who protect cows. So Indian’s do not tolerate any harm to the cows. The government also takes a lot of measures to protect cows. People are coming forward to took part in this Initiative . We should stand together to protect cows from any harm.

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