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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Doctors. Reply To: Write an essay on Doctors.

  • tanya

    July 4, 2021 at 1:07 am
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    Doctors all over the world are given the status of God. God gives us life and, doctors save our lives. It happens many times that they rescue our lives for no selfish reasons and work tirelessly for the sake of mankind. Moreover, this is the profession where people are given so much respect, irrespective of their gender, caste, creed, etc. Many children, from their childhood, instill the dream of being a doctor that later changes to different things.

    Doctors have a very generous profession. They are equipped with loads of knowledge and plenty of instruments that help them to diagnose and treat their patients correctly with the right procedures. Doctors also need some medical staff to treat their patients and provide them with proper care. The medical staff is also perfectly trained as they have to treat the patients. The medical staff including the doctors are very proficient in their work and they have proved this time and again.

    Even in this difficult time of the pandemic, doctors have not stepped backward. When the world needed them the most, they were always there to treat people. Whether we talk of coming out with the vaccine, or taking care of the people affected by the coronavirus, they have always been there for their country and for their profession. At the time when people could not move out of their houses to see doctors, they were still there helping us in possible ways. Even when they could not physically see the patients, they were available for online consultations at a very minimal cost and some doctors did that job even for free. Doctors do not consider this as their job but as their religion to help people in all the possible ways that they can. Before starting their actual practice, they are supposed to take an oath that no matter what, they will serve the nation without any selfish reasons and be there for the people whenever they need them.

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