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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on domestic violence Reply To: Essay on domestic violence

  • Shivani

    July 4, 2021 at 8:27 am
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    Domestic violence is violence or abuse in the home – such as living together or getting married. Domestic violence is not limited to the body. Domestic violence involves any behavior that takes place to gain control and control over the victim.

    Domestic violence can affect people from all walks of life. It can be applied to a spouse, spouse or close family member. Domestic violence is a learning curve and is not practiced for any common excuses such as drugs or alcohol, anger or a mental health problem.

    Domestic violence also known as either intimate partner violence or domestic violence – occurs in intimate relationships. Domestic violence can occur in heterosexual relationships as well as in same-sex relationships. Threatening is a form of domestic violence that affects a person mentally and emotionally. Any abusive relationship involves an imbalance of power and control exercised over the victim. The abuser controls his wife using harsh and hurtful words and behavior.

    While some relationships are abusive on the outside, it may not be easy to detect domestic violence in the first place. Although some relationships are abusive in the first place, the abuse often starts in secret, and over time becomes worse. Domestic violence can take many forms — physical, economic, verbal, religious, sexual, and even reproductive.

    Acts of domestic violence can pave the way for further marital rape. Also, violent physical abuse such as beating, strangulation, female genital mutilation, and acid thrush can lead to injury and, in extreme cases, death. Apart from this, calling the victim names to insult or put them down and prevent or discourage the victim from going to work or school or helping them to lose sight of family members or friends.

    They try to control the way a person spends his money or to control what he wears. Envy or possessions or to sue a victim for dishonesty. These are also just a few of the ways in which domestic violence is perpetrated. Worldwide, women are the victims of domestic violence. Also, women are more likely to experience serious forms of violence. In some countries, incidents of domestic violence are often viewed as justifiable – especially in cases of suspicion or physical infidelity on the part of women and are also legally permitted.

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