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Activity Discussion Essay How can one overcome the fear of Maths? Reply To: How can one overcome the fear of Maths?

  • Anushree

    July 5, 2021 at 9:09 pm
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    Mathematics is a very interesting subject and it has its use in every other field. It is often said that a person who is capable of solving mathematical problem is also capable to doing all other things. Mathematics in the senior secondary level is a mandatory subject in the science and commerce stream and has an optional choice in arts. It is a conceptual subject which needs a lot of practice, but many students develop a phobia for the same and it becomes very difficult for them to solve the problems. A few steps which one can follow to overcome the fear of mathematics:

    1. The keyword for mathematics is PRACTICE, the greater number of problems you solve the more confident you become. It may happen in the beginning that you are not able to solve exercise problems in that case opt for the solved problems, study the worked out problems and then go for solving the exercise part.

    2. One must be extremely cautious and avoid silly mistakes to avoid error.

    3. Knowing the working formula and methodology behind a particular sum or chapter is a mandatory thing.

    4. One must have the formulas memorized for smooth solving.

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