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Activity Discussion Essay essay on how to overcome exam fear Reply To: essay on how to overcome exam fear

  • Ishita

    July 6, 2021 at 7:45 pm
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    How to overcome exam fear

    Exams are the most important part of our lives. Exams decide our merit and our future. So naturally it is very important for us to score well in exams. Sometimes the stress of exams makes us miserable. All the preparation and hard work we do for exams , sometimes it’s all become useless for fear. Fear makes us uncomfortable and sick, so sometimes we forget the lesson we studied. So it is very important to overcome the fear of exams. There are some ways to overcome the fear, firstly never revision too much before exams. It is suggested to start revision before two days of exams. We should keep calm and medicate before exams. In Indian society parents often compare their child to other students. But it is better to understand your own flaws. The best way to understand subjects is by time table, graphs and charts. Try to plan things before exams, it will make your fear go away. Secondly, never focus on only one subject. Always try to mix subjects. Read all the subjects . It is good to make a routine and dedicate some time to each subject differently. And always try to cover up the notes and suggestions your teacher gives you. Study with focus. Always remember you don’t have to beat anyone, just beat yourself. That’s how you can be good. Write regularly, writing is the most important thing. It can help you remember things and make your preparation flawless.Thirdly, sleep well, good sleep is very important to be focused in studies. Minimum 8-9 hour sleep is very important to relax the body. Always try to focus on highlights to remember things. It will help to remember studies. And last but not the list.While answering questions always use heads and subheads to deal with all subjects. It makes it easy for the examiner to understand what all has been answered,it can increase your number automatically. So if you can follow this tips you can be able to overcome your fear of exams.

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