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Activity Discussion Essay essay on van mahotsav Reply To: essay on van mahotsav

  • tanya

    July 7, 2021 at 7:05 pm
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    It is rightly said that “When you plant a tree, you plant a life.” Trees are the best gifts that Mother Earth has given us. The important thing that we should constantly remember is that trees do not need us we need them. They provide us with several benefits in life and never expect anything in return. The most important thing required for our survival is provided by trees, that is oxygen. In addition, they also provide us with shade, fruits, vegetables, and many more. It is almost impossible to survive without trees.

    Van Mahotsav is a festival celebrated in India to honor the trees. It is an annual tree-planting festival that takes place in the month of July. This celebration of the great cause was initiated by India’s Union Minister for Agriculture, Kulapati Dr. K.M Munshi. This initiative was to spread awareness among the people regarding trees. This movement originated in the year 1950. This initiative was given utmost importance and every year millions of saplings are planted all across India in regard to the Van Mahotsav week.

    Every citizen of India should understand their responsibility and plant at least one sapling in this Van Mahotsav week. This helps spread consciousness among people about the harm caused by cutting down trees. Awareness campaigns for this week are held at their peak. Novel promotions like the free circulation of trees are also taken up by several organizations and volunteers. This festival spreads the awareness of trees among people and describes the need of planting more and more trees, as trees are one of the most important living beings on Earth. Trees prevent are the best ways to prevent global warming and reduce pollution as well. Van Mahotsav is renowned as a festival of life.

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