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Activity Discussion Essay essay on how to overcome exam fear Reply To: essay on how to overcome exam fear

  • Anushree

    July 7, 2021 at 9:09 pm
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    Examinations are procedure to ensure that we are learning the theoretical part of any subject properly because apparently, we are able to put things into practical uses if and only if we know the theory or the working formulation behind the same. Examinations may not be the only criteria to judge a student but it is definitely one of the main criteria to do the same. Many of us fear this process of judgement and this at times even results in bringing low grader as the students become terrified and are not able to give their best in the hour of the examinations. But it is definitely possible to overcome this fear and come out with golden colors for this the primary requirement is self-confidence followed by immense hard work. One thing which helps students do deal with this fear in creating the same situation at home and practicing, mock test papers are very easily available these days students in the last days of preparation should try solving the mock papers in the constrained time period and get them checked by teachers or parents this helps a lot in boosting the self confidence and also lets the student know the part where they are lacking and thus they overcome the fear of examination.

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