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Activity Discussion Essay essay on how to overcome exam fear Reply To: essay on how to overcome exam fear

  • tanya

    July 8, 2021 at 1:55 am
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    It is said that when examinations are approaching, students tend to get examination fever. The entrance of examinations means the beginning of fear in the mind of students. Examinations are considered to be the only hurdles that the students need to cross in an otherwise happy and carefree life.

    Whether there are students of a school or a college, or any aspiring students preparing for any competitive examinations, all of them have examination fever. Exam fever is not bound to any age group. Students stop going to cinema halls, Restaurants, or any other places of entertainment during their exam days. The bugbear of an examination interrupts the smooth course of a student’s life. Most of them put a halt to all their extra-curricular activities when examinations are nearing.

    Examinations are held by the school premises to test student’s abilities, to see the amount of work that they have done during a term, to judge what progress they have made during the whole term, and to discover whether they have been utilizing or wasting their time. Just because of the fear of examinations, students take more interest in their studies and also give proper time to all of their subjects so as to score some decent marks.

    If there were no examinations, all the students would have the same marks, there would be no shortlisting on the basis of marks and it would be much harder to judge a person’s ability. In a way, examination fever is good as it boosts up the student and gives them the ability to study harder for their exams.

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