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Activity Discussion Essay Happiness Reply To: Happiness

  • tanya

    July 8, 2021 at 5:57 pm
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    There is no proper definition of happiness. It differs from one person to another. There are different perceptions of people about being happy. Whatever it may be, happiness is a vital characteristic of human life. Without it, there is no meaning in life. It is not possible for even one person to lead their life without being happy.

    Happiness means differently to everyone. For some people, it may mean peace of mind, while for some it may mean buying expensive clothes or going on some trips. Each human being is independent of his thoughts and a free-thinking individual. Everyone has a different way of looking at life. So, happiness is also variable for distinct people. It is a matter of fact that happiness is an integral part of everyone’s lives.

    There is a common phrase that says, “Money cannot buy happiness.” The phrase states that you can obviously buy some materialistic things with money, however, you cannot buy happiness. Money can buy everything but not happiness. Happiness is an emotion that cannot be bought. For some people, it may imply buying expensive things may lead to their happiness, while for others happiness may just be about leading a peaceful life. For a particular section of society, happiness is determined by wealth. Those people tend to balance their wealth with happiness. Buying materialistic things with that money makes them happy in life. They remain content with their lives with those things.

    For another section of society, money does not play any role in being happy. Money is just to satisfy their basic needs. Many people consider happiness to bring peace in their life with a calm sense of joy that occurs in someone’s mind. For them, happiness is a feeling that cannot be bought but just felt. Leaving everything behind, the important thing is to stay happy, it does not matter what makes you happy and what not. Doing whatever makes you happy is the key in life.

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