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Activity Discussion Essay Gratitude Reply To: Gratitude

  • tanya

    July 8, 2021 at 6:41 pm
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    Gratitude implies the feeling and attitude of thankfulness towards others for the good that we receive in life. It is a proven fact that when we express our feelings towards others, we feel much happier.

    Whenever a person treats you nicely or does something good for you, there is no harm in expressing your appreciation towards their actions. In fact, the other person also gets happy just by your recognition. Gratitude has a lot more advantages than we can ever think. Gratitude may affect our personal as well as social lives. It strengthens our relationships with others. When you express thankfulness to others, it adds to the bond that the people may share. Showing gratitude towards others also enhances the trust factor among people and increases the feeling of respect and love for the other party. Apart from making others happy, it also makes us happy. When we express our gratitude towards others, or when we receive it, we feel happy. People who feel gratitude do not get stressed much. A society full of gratitude makes people happy and satisfied. In other words, people become considerate and never waste a chance to say Thank You to others. In this way, society makes progress in the right direction with the correct agents required for the development of society. Moreover, gratitude promotes acknowledgment. If any stranger does anything good for me, I would highly appreciate them and acknowledge their efforts shown towards me. It would also make them happy. Also, the sense of comparison reduces. When we become thankful, we do not compare ourselves to others. Also, it helps us acknowledge our own achievements and blessings to remain happy.

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