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Activity Discussion Essay essay on ecosystem restoration Reply To: essay on ecosystem restoration

  • Ishita

    July 9, 2021 at 6:05 pm
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    How to restore ecosystem

    The environment gives us all the resources for living. It makes our lives possible. We can’t live our lives without these resources. A life can not survive without air, sunlight, vegetation and water. These resources are limited so sometimes humans become so greedy they forget to count on it. We need to protect these resources to protect our lives. All the activities of human greed cause harm to the environment. Almost all the resources nature provides us become polluted by human activities. When all resources under destruction naturally all living organisms will be under destruction too. This is why we need to save the ecosystem in every possible way. If we destroy the ecosystem of the planet we don’t have any other planet to move in. This makes this issue more serious as the survival of the ecosystem is associated with our lives. If we don’t stop our action it will suffer the future generations. Everyone must come together to save this planet from destruction. Humans only need to take a step to protect the ecosystem’s resources. Like we should prevent drinking bottled water, then millions of plastics can be stopped from consuming.We can start planting more and more trees to make up for deforestation which is increasing day by day. Trees are the most important thing to improve the quality of nature in the environment. Moreover we should stop wasting water. Water is the most important resource for living. In recent days the water bodies have become polluted due to human activities which need to be prevented. We should stop dumping waste in water. We should conserve rain water. It is very important to save water for our survival. We should become more aware of the consequences of not saving the ecosystem. If all of us stand together we can make the environment a more fresh and livable place for all.

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