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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on dignity of labor Reply To: Essay on dignity of labor

  • Ishita

    July 10, 2021 at 7:07 pm
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    Dignity of Labor

    Dignity of labor means respect and value given to all or any sorts of work. All jobs deserve equal respect. Some workers lost their dignity and did all kinds of hard laborious work. In democratic country like India ,it is proved by most people that all forms of labor contribute a lot to the development of this country. Work or labor has no alternative. There is no shame in labor. All must work according to their ability. Man can not and should not live without work. Though man is the greatest creature of the universe, he has to earn his own food, nobody brings him his resources by a wave of any magic wand. He must acquire through hard work all his needs. If anyone wants to have anything without doing the burden of labour he has no indulgence in illegal activities which deserves no respect. The main achievement of man’s life is to strike a unique balance between his needs, desires or dreams and achievements.He needs survival, knowledge, success, wealth, friendship, fame and all other things that he craves for. Only labor can make everything possible. Labor is the most esteemed thing in life. We should respect all kinds of work whether it is a teacher or a plumber. There are two types of labor manual and intellectual. Manual labor is very important in life . Manual labor grows crops, builds houses and factories, constructs roads and streets, works in fields, mines, mills, and ships etc. If they don’t perform their work we can not enjoy our civil life. Food, house, workplace, all kinds of places are the results of the hard work of manual labor. Manual labor is more essential than intellectual labor. So we should respect all kinds of labor.

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