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  • Ishita

    July 10, 2021 at 7:43 pm
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    Indian soldiers

    India has the most biggest military system in India.Soldiers are the protectors of any country. They protect all citizens by sacrificing their lives. They are selfless; they always put their priority below the nation. They are supposed to always face challenges. They always fulfill duties despite hardships. The most important duty of a soldier is to save their country. A person basically joins the army from the love of their motherland and nation. In Spite of knowing that they will face many life threatening problems but still they do it for their country. They do not step back from any hardships, instead they always do their best. They happily give their lives for their motherland. They never have off duty. A soldier’s duty is to keep peace and harmony between the countries. They always guide their border in case of any emergency. They are always there to protect from terrorist attacks or natural calamity. Being a soldier is not so easy. It is the most challenging thing to do. They live their lives in danger for the ordinary people to survive. They spend their lives away from their families and loved ones. In festival when we all enjoy and have fun with friends and families they were on duty protecting us. They undergo from various training to become fit and strong. They still on inspire of physical challenges. They have been provided with minimum food the other times they get posted in remote areas without any signal. They always have to make it in the hardest weather conditions. Thus we all can see what kind of challenging life they face to protect country.

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