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  • Ishita

    July 12, 2021 at 2:09 pm
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    Slow and steady win the race

    Only in Fairytale

    Most of us are familiar with the phrase “Slow and steady wins race”.I heard about the phrase from the story of Rabbit and Turtle, while being fast the rabbit loses the race to a slow turtle. Rabbit has the confidence to win as he is fast but by overconfidence he takes a nap during the race,so the turtle wins the race.Turtle had to win the race for being slow and steady. So we have the perception that success comes in the life of those who are slow and steady. But if you think about it in real life it is not necessary. There is no clear remedy for success. Sometimes people may fail in their work because they are lazy. As an example , if you have the talent to be a singer, but are too lazy to practice. So day by day your ability will fall apart for lack of practice. You are becoming a failure in life for being slow. This phrase is accurate in a way that being careless can cost very big damage in life. It is good to be careful and slow at work sometimes. Basically for those who easily make mistakes. It will result in a loss of time and they have to start all over again. Not every time is bad to be slow and steady. We have to focus on work and being steady teaches us this. But moreover the thing needed to succeed in life is working ability and dedication and determination towards the work you do. The phrase “slow and steady wins the race” is not accurate in somebody’s life and also can be accurate in anyone’s life. It depends on the person.

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