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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Elephant. Reply To: Write an essay on Elephant.

  • Mahima

    July 12, 2021 at 8:07 pm
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    Elephants are massive creatures. They possess four legs that look like huge pillars. They have two large ears that are shaped like large fans. Elephants have a unique bodily feature called the trunk. Furthermore, they have a short tails. The male elephant has 2 tusks, that are very large tooth.

    Elephants are herbivores, meaning they eat leaves, plants, grains, fruits, and other plant materials. They may be found mostly in Africa and Asia. The majority of elephants are grey in hue, however, Thailand has white elephants.

    Furthermore, elephants are one of the longest-living mammals, with an average lifetime of about 5-70 years. Moreover, they are mainly found in rainforests, but humans have forced them to work in zoos and circuses. Elephants are thought to be one of the most intelligent creatures.

    Likewise, they are extremely obedient. Female elephants often dwell in herds, but male elephants prefer to live alone. Furthermore, this wild animal has a high learning ability. Humans utilize them for transportation and pleasure. Elephants are extremely valuable to both the planet and humanity. As a result, we must safeguard them to avoid disrupting the natural cycle.

    Elephants are among the most intelligent animals. They are capable of displaying extremely powerful emotions. These animals have gained the respect of the Africans who share their habitat. Furthermore, they play an important role in preserving ecological diversity.

    Most significantly, elephants are vital to wildlife. During the dry season, they use their tusks to dig land and drink water. It helps them withstand the arid climate and droughts, as well as other animals.

    Elephant excrement is also helpful. The feces they deposit includes plant seeds that they have ingested. This, in turn, promotes the growth of new grasses, shrubs, and even trees. As a result, they improve the savannah ecosystem’s health.

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