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Activity Discussion Essay essay on gender inequality Reply To: essay on gender inequality

  • tanya

    July 14, 2021 at 2:24 am
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    Discrimination is the state when all individuals are not treated equally and not given equal rights. Every individual in the community yearns for equal status, opportunities, and equal rights. People generally say these days that everyone is treated equally but they are not. Discrimination usually exists because of cultural differences, geographical differences, and gender. Inequality on the basis of gender is something that is not appreciated, but it is seen many times in many companies. There are many areas where equal opportunities are not provided to women.

    We are in the 21st century, and even now, women are not treated equally as men. It is generally believed that women are more talented than men, and it has been proved many times, but society is not yet ready to accept this fact. Gender equality is the term used when equal opportunities in the fields of politics, economics, education, and health are provided to both men and women.

    As per the World Economic Forum’s gender gap ranking, India holds the rank 108 out of 149 countries. The rank should be a major concern in the country as it signifies the immense gap between the opportunities given to women when compared to men. The structure in India is such that women are neglected in many fields like education, health, finance, etc. They are just limited to household chores which should not be the scene here. There are many places in India where women are considered as a burden and they are not allowed to go to school and study as well. Also, a preference for sons prevails in many areas in India.

    We should understand that women are the part and parcel of any family. When it comes to flexibility, they can manage their home and offices at the same time. If equal opportunities are not given to them, they will be led down and won’t be able to achieve big milestones which they are obviously capable of.

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