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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is religion? Reply To: What is religion?

  • Ishita

    July 31, 2021 at 1:20 pm
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    Religion is belief over a deity or a divine entity. It is about the presence of God who ruled the entire world. It is based on
    belief. There isn’t any proof of it if we just have to believe it. Different people has different believes it is the reason of
    different religions. There may different kinds of rituals perform on different religions. All of religions has different
    cultures, custom and believe. India is a secular country so here people can follow any religion they want. Religion has
    an emotional connection in our country. Sometimes it connects people and maintains peace and harmony. Religion has
    two categories: Monotheistic Religion and Polytheistic Religion.Monotheistic Religion is in which people believe in only
    one god. This religion is like Islam, Judaism,and Christianity. In Islam people only believe in Allah,in Judaism people
    believe in Abraham and in Christianity people believe in Jesus Christ. But in Polytheistic Religion people believe in
    various of god’s,this religion is like Hinduism and Buddhism. In every religion there is a holy book which tells us about
    the religion.In Hinduism the holy book is “Geeta”,in Islam the holy book is “Quaran” and in Christianity the holy book is
    “Baibel”.But religion also have some superstitions which is can be very fatal. But region gives us the massage of peace
    and harmony.It teaches us the actual meaning of humanity. it also gives us hope and positivity in the tough times of our

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