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Activity Discussion Environment Why balance in nature is important? Reply To: Why balance in nature is important?

  • Ishita

    August 4, 2021 at 7:50 pm
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    Keeping balance in nature is very important. This concept of nature maintains its own condition from the early times itself. It is a relationship between both the prey and the predator species. There is always a need to maintain between both predator and the prey as the predator never consumes its prey in access.Predators and the prey population sometimes shows disorderly limits. The sizes of the populations change too in a rampant manner. They have to obey deterministic laws which are based on the relationship between population and its food source.When the ecological balance is accurate it sure is that each living thing multiplies lives as expected. Every living thing gets proper food which keeps them alive. A maintained balance of nature is so important to lead to the continued existence of the organisms. In order to keep balance in nature human beings have to follow some things. We have to be more careful in using the resources nature provides us like, Oli, gas, water, soils, and trees. Nature has created so many resources for various uses. We should keep balance in using these resources. First of all we should control the population , if the population increases the spending of resources will increase as well. We should stop polluting the resources. Many natural resources like air, water, and soil are consistently polluted by human beings. We should stop pollution to get access to the pure resources. Most importantly we should recycle the resources. Recycling is one of the most valuable ways of preventing ecological imbalance. We should use the energy-saving appliances and automobiles to make a huge contribution to the saving of the ecological system. If we want to live in a healthy environment. We should always keep balance in nature. Or we all can be destroyed by the imbalance in environment.

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