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Activity Discussion Environment What is biodiversity? Reply To: What is biodiversity?

  • Ishita

    August 5, 2021 at 8:04 pm
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    Biodiversity means a species of different kinds of plants and animals living on the planet. It played an important role in keeping balance on the earth. But due to some reason it is decreasing day by day, if it doesn’t stop we can survive on the planet. Many species of animals and plants depend upon one another . We humans also depend on plants and many animals. Human beings need food to survive, which we get from plants. Biodiversity in flora and fauna is that the need of the hour. We should stop the vanishing of rare species of animals. We should also stop pollution, it will provide all animals with fresh air to breathe. We should keep the connection between wildlife and species. We should use engineering techniques to keep wildlife safe. We should set up a garden in the house because it is the easiest way to increase biodiversity. We can plant different kinds of trees. It will help to increase fresh air in the atmosphere. We can use protected areas like wildlife sanctuaries and zoos for the conservation of biodiversity. It maintains the natural habitat of plants and animals. These places are faraway from any human civilization. Therefore the ecosystem is well maintained which makes it an ideal tract for flora and fauna. Various wildlife sanctuaries are built that are today spread over a vast area. These areas are the sole reason a number of the animal species aren’t getting extinct. Therefore the protected areas should increase all over the planet. We should protect the rare species from greedy humans. We should stop deforestation for the betterment of biodiversity. Planting trees is the most important to increase biodiversity. It will decrease the global warming and all of environmental crisis we are facing.

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