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Activity Discussion General Discussion How do blind people read and write? Reply To: How do blind people read and write?

  • Ishita

    September 11, 2021 at 5:19 pm
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    How blind people read and write:-

    Blind people’s reading and writing techniques are very different from the normal people. You may wonder how a blind person could read, they don’t have visions. Vision is the most important thing when we read or write , otherwise how can anyone read or write without seeing anything? But this is wrong thinking,in this era of technology and development nothing is impossible. So devices are made for helping blind people in education. One of the best devices for the reading of blind people is “Braille”.So let’s learn how blind people write and read through braille-

    Braille has so many dots, which represent the alphabet, number, words, and punctuation, there are some codes which blind people should learn to understand the use. Codes help to learn the language, some symbols have different meanings. One letter represented by one symbol.

    Braille includes 6 dots on it which represent different letters. It looked like a typewriter. But not every feature is similar to a typewriter. Blind people can easily read if they learn the codes and symbols. The tools in Braille which help for reading and writing are called Stylus. The stylus is connected with a slate. A card stock is connected to the slate and then the stylus is used to make holes in the paper. The punched holes create many dots. The dots will be helped to read by touch. In Braille a slate and a stylus are equal to paper and pencil. So they can have the equa type of education as the normal peoples.With the help of technology computers, laptops, developed Braille and many other devices were made. These devices can also help blind people to read and write. These devices can also help blind people to read and write. So these devices help the blind people to have a ordinary education and life.

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