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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on “Time: A Powerful Warrior.” Reply To: Write an essay on “Time: A Powerful Warrior.”

  • Ishita

    September 11, 2021 at 5:52 pm
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    Time: The powerful warrior

    Time is the most powerful warrior of our lives. It has the ability to make our future shine and heal our sorrow. It is the most precious thing and we should not take it for granted. Time is not like money that we spend it and it would come back, when it is gone nothing can bring it back. We should not waste it unnecessarily. We should use it for our and others’ welfare. It will help us to make progress and embark towards a better future. Wasting time only causes bad issues. Most importantly we should utilize our time by preparing a work list, schedule, and time table. It may sound useless at this moment, but the more you can follow these, you will eventually know it helps you to increase your productivity. It doesn’t mean that you should engage yourself in difficult tasks, it means that you should use the time accurately. Don’t be lazy and late, and value your time and other people’s time as well. You just polish yourself to be a better and successful person by doing these things. You should use time to polish and build your talent but it doesn’t mean you should only focus on career and money otherwise you should also value your happiness and the relationships in your life. Time gives us sorrow and prosperity at the same time, but also it gives us the ability to heal ourselves from our sorrow and grief and move forward to our lives.

    In conclusion, time is the greatest thing in our lives. If you don’t value your time, time doesn’t value you either. So don’t waste time, use it in a proper way to active success and happiness in your life. Time is the thing which can make everything possible.

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