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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on fairy tales Reply To: Essay on fairy tales

  • Ishita

    September 15, 2021 at 8:19 pm
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    Fairy Tales

    Fairy tales are the stories we all grew up listening to from our grandmother and mother. Fairy tales are stories about some mystical fantasy creatures and animals everybody wanted to be part of. It was very good for children as it had a sense of wonder, emotion, which is valuable for adults also. All nations have their own fairy tales, including ancient stories which came down from the old days when people believed in the power of gods, fairies, and supernatural creatures. There are many beautiful tales that come from Greece, like the Minotaur, Perseus, Pandora’s box, Golden fleece, and many more. There is an old German stories book called Grimm’s “Fairy tales”, where many ancient stories can be found. Also countries like America, England had many fairy tales, but among them, India is the richest as ” The Arabian Nights” is a famous book of India which has a famous collection of magic, mystery, and old eastern tales. Some of the fairy tales had broken the language barrier, for example, Cinderella, Bluebeard, and his wives, sleeping beauty, and little mermaid.

    Though we know the novels are fiction, children are not ready to accept them. Some of them believe in fairies. These stories are most of the time becoming too meaningless but we still find pleasure in them, this is the magic of it. They take us away for a little time from our boring daily lives. This is a genre that is full of mysteries and even adults do not get tired of exploring them. Children relate to the interesting characters of these tales and learn life lessons.

    In this modern age of evolution of technologies, people still listen to these tales and read some of them at school which can show the power of these stories. It will always be part of the culture of every country.

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