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Activity Discussion Environment animals Reply To: animals

  • Ishita

    September 16, 2021 at 7:32 pm
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    Each and each animal has equal importance on the earth . to take care of biodiversity every animal is vital . Biodiversity means a species of varied kinds of plants and animals living on the world . It played a crucial role maintain balance on the world . But because of some reason it’s decreasing day by day, if it doesn’t stop we’ll survive on the world . Various species of animals and plants depend upon one another for survival. We humans also are in some ways depend upon plants and lots of animals. we’d like food to survive, which we get from plants and animals. we should always stop the vanishing of rare species of animals. we should always also stop pollution to supply all animals fresh air to breathe. we should always keep the connection between predator and prey. we should always use engineering techniques to remain wildlife safe. we should always acknowledged a garden within the house because it is the simplest because of increase biodiversity. we will plant different sorts of trees. it’ll help to increase fresh air within the atmosphere. we will use protected areas like wildlife sanctuaries and zoos for the conservation of biodiversity. It maintains the natural growth of plants and animals.These places are faraway from any human civilization. The wild animal produce ingredients like meat, medicines, hide, ivory, lac, silk, etc.Various wildlife sanctuaries are built that are today cover an enormous area. These areas are the only reason variety of the animal species do not get extinct. Therefore the protected areas should increase everywhere the world . we should always protect the rare species from greedy humans. we should always protect animals to guard the biodiversity of the earth . we will not survive without animals on the earth .

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