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Activity Discussion Essay If you get a chance to interview someone. Who would it be? Reply To: If you get a chance to interview someone. Who would it be?

  • Ishita

    September 23, 2021 at 1:16 pm
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    The person I might wish to interview if I get an opportunity

    From the initial stages of growing up, we found inspiration from people. we will admire the people of interest. The people that are successful within the field we have an interest in. I’m also very curious about movies and novels. therefore the person whom I like the foremost therein field is that the phenomenon and legend of cinema Satyajit Ray. So, If I buy an opportunity to interview someone, the person definitely would be Satyajit Ray. There are many questions in mind if I buy an opportunity to interview him. First of all, I might wish to ask him that he’s the Inspiration to several filmmakers who is his inspiration for filmmaking. How did he get such power to challenge the gender stereotypes and dogmatics of Indian society? Does it ever worry him that for his tremendous achievements in life the achievement of his son could also be overshadowed? Did he feel that he may have achieved such a lot of recognition in foreign countries but never receive the right respect for his country that he deserves? And there are more questions I would like to ask him. I feel that the way he modifies the stereotypical norms of Indian Society through his films the other filmmaker doesn’t roll in the hay. and that I respect him such a lot for that. the most reason for interviewing him is that he’s quite a filmmaker. I can say he’s an artist of everything. a touch little bit of time with him can treasure my knowledge for the remainder of my life. But unfortunately, he’s an individual from a special era and is not alive so I never got the prospect.

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