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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is artificial intelligence? Reply To: What is artificial intelligence?

  • Ishita

    September 24, 2021 at 3:25 pm
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    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence means the intelligence of devices. This intelligence isn’t earned by anything, it refers to how to formulate the functions of the machines. Machines can operate, learn, plan, and can unravel any problems. It is just a simulation of the intelligence of humans into a device. In the world of technology and invention, this is just a demo of development. This intelligence has the power to solve anything in any situation. There are four types of artificial intelligence 1)Reactive machines, in this type of artificial intelligence machines, can react, 2) Limited memory, in this type of artificial intelligence machines have limited memory, These AI systems are prepared for utilizing past experiences to notify future ones.3) Theory of mind, in this kind of artificial intelligence machine, can understand the actions of others, 4) Self-awareness, in this kind of artificial intelligence machines have a sense of self. Furthermore, they have awareness, consciousness, and emotions. It is the highest level of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has applications in numerous different areas. These areas can be the military, constitution, video games, administration, finance, automotive, art, etc. Therefore, this is clear that AI has an enormous amount of several applications. This is just an embodiment of how developed our technology has become. It looks like artificial intelligence can become an important part of our future. It looks so fascinating. I can’t wait to spend my time in future. But it didn’t seem like it is for everyone, artificial intelligence can be so expensive to afford. But still, it is quite interesting to everything possible through technology.

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