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Activity Discussion General Discussion What made the hole in the ozone go away? Reply To: What made the hole in the ozone go away?

  • Ishita

    September 27, 2021 at 2:00 pm
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    The ozone layer is the third part of the earth’s atmosphere. It is a protector of nature, the ozonosphere prevents the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from approaching the surface. But in some previous times, the ozonosphere is becoming thin, and a few holes are created within the ozonosphere due to pollution and increasing the chemicals like chlorine and bromine in the atmosphere. Ozone holes mean the holes in the ozone layer. The ozone hole is very harmful to our environment as through this hole many harmful rays of the sun come directly on the earth’s surface. For the reckless harm of nature by the citizenry, these holes are increasing day by day. There are several ways the ozone holes harm our surroundings. Ozone layers prevent the ultraviolet rays from coming to the world but due to the holes within the layer, these harmful rays inherit the world and affect us and our nature.

    1. The level of greenhouse gases in the environment is increasing because of pollution. Trees are rampantly cutting down day by day, which is the main reason for pollution. Trees provide us with oxygen which purity our atmosphere. So if we increase afforestation the environment will become healthy and beautiful. Which controls the ozone layer from destruction.
    2. Pollution increases due to ozone holes, so it naturally creates harmful greenhouse gases within the environment, which causes heating. Global warming is a serious issue today. So if we can control the level of pollution by using the control of driving cars, and prevention of using those gadgets which create pollution. So the greenhouse gases will become less in the atmosphere. It will also control climate and make the environment better.
    3. Many diseases are created due to the ultraviolet rays, it affects citizenry so badly. Ailment like skin cancer, eye cataracts and immune deficiency disorders. So we can prevent the ultraviolet rays effect by using sunscreen, lotions while going outside in the sun and we can also wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays.
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