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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is honesty? Reply To: What is honesty?

  • Ishita

    September 28, 2021 at 5:26 pm
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    Honestly means true to others. It is a great quality of an individual. If you practice it will build your moral character. An Honest person expresses good behaviour and always pursues rules and regulations. It also retains discipline, talks to the truth, and is precise. An honest person is loyal as he constantly verges to utter the truth. Honestly always helps us to develop good qualities like compassion, discipline, and integrity. Honestly has nothing to do with lying, cheating, greed and immorality. Honest people will always be trustworthy throughout their lives. Honesty indicates one’s emotions and thinking. It indeed enables people to realize who they are. It makes you courageous and confident. It removes all fears from your heart and you can speak and be confident. Cowardly people are considered to be dishonest, only lies make them cowards. The next benefit of honesty is maturity. Honesty inevitably evaluates the maturity of an individual. An individual is possibly mature if he regularly talks about reality. Similarly, a mature person speaks the truth without hurting other people’s feelings. Honesty makes relationships powerful and improves connections between people. It supports bringing people together. Most significantly, it enables an alliance between people. The important quality of honesty is it maintains the place of mind. It gives us a light-hearted feeling, which is very important to live a peaceful life. It also increases the reputation of a person. Honestly, it indeed makes you live a peaceful life without any troubles. Honestly is the main pedestal of any relationship. Honesty is the absolute solution for every problem of an individual.Corruption and various problems are everywhere in society. It is because the quantity of honest people has become less. In this modern era quick and athletic world, we have ignored ethical and crucial morality. It is very significant and essential for us to reanalyze and renovate, that we get honesty back to society so everything will takes off in a optimistic and natural manner.

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