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Activity Discussion History Why is history important? Reply To: Why is history important?

  • Ishita

    September 28, 2021 at 7:45 pm
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    History is that the written record of past events. History is one of the foremost important subjects we learn at our schools. It helps us to find out about the past. That helps us to find out about societies, systems, people, ideologies, cultures and everything about past events. it’s also won’t to skills we and our surroundings developed from before. But we will not tell about the accuracy of those events but we will have approximations of those events. Finds out the reason why history is important-

    Sense of Identity:-History gives us the power to identity. We study how the countries, families, groups, and Institutions were formed and the way they worked. It helps us identify many historical events like wars, treaties, monarchs, development and lots more.

    A clear picture of our world:-History gives us a transparent picture of our world. Various systems of previous societies like technology, government, culture, and lots more. which provides a transparent picture of what proportion developed within the past few years.

    The change of societies:- most significantly we will study the change of our societies. Only change makes us realise the event we had. Only through studying history can we learn the particular reason behind the changes. We also learn what elements continue no matter changes.

    Culture:-Only history can make us study the culture of the many different cultures and other people. we will study the difference between them and us through the culture. So history played an important role in learning about the cultures. Not only other cultures, but also we study the evolution of our own culture.

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