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Activity Discussion Science & Technology science Reply To: science

  • Ishita

    September 29, 2021 at 1:59 pm
    Not Helpful

    Science is that the best gift for humankind. Many difficulties and problems are often easily solved by the utilization of science. Mobile phones, television, computer, refrigerator, and lots of of the simplest things we get from advanced science. Science makes work easier and faster for us. It saves both time and energy at an equivalent time. These make our daily lives very easy. Many difficulties of this world are often easily solved by it. Specifically during this pandemic period studies are based online. So this manner science contributed such a lot to our studies. There are numerous different sorts of video calling or classroom apps by which we will give or take a category. it’s called online classes. the web class is that the way to move forward with our education during this difficult time. It also can help us to not lose hope in life as we all are now isolated and can’t talk or spend time with anyone. Science is that the only thanks to fighting this pandemic. The vaccine has been made due to science. It encourages us to be optimistic and enthusiastic in every situation. But it’s helpful to us also before the pandemic situation. We invented rockets, spaceships, submarines, aeroplanes with the assistance of science. we will leave our planet due to science. we will get ing of everywhere on the planet through television which is additionally a present from science. Various medicines for various chronic diseases are made due to the event of science. We travelled everywhere on the planet with the assistance of science. many sorts of crime are stopped due to the invention of science CCTV, Guns, and lots of tracking devices. So it’s certainly a presence in our lives. It makes all of our lives so fast and peaceful. But we shouldn’t use it during a negative thanks to harming others.

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