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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is it true that money can buy happiness? Reply To: Is it true that money can buy happiness?

  • Ishita

    September 30, 2021 at 5:19 pm
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    No money can’t buy happiness. We indeed need money and wealth to survive in life, but that does not mean that it’ll become our life. it’s accurate that everybody in their lives is functioning hard only for the cash, we will not live an honest life without it. But if we spend our whole lives running behind we’ll become a machine. we’d like to regulate our greed for money otherwise we’ll never be satisfied. No money is often enough for us. If your main purpose in life is to accumulate wealth you’ll never be satisfied. you’ll not delay with money. Time is that the most precious element in our lives and most significantly you’ll not buy happiness with money. If you do not have happiness and satisfaction in your life it’ll become rather useless. If you spend you only within the thought of earning money and having extra money you’ll miss many precious moments of your life. Money is quite just needed to be valued as an important thing of our lives, not the rationale for our lives. an individual can lose everything from the obsession with money. It only provides you barely a quick time of satisfaction or happiness but not any permanent happiness. it’s the deadliest obsession of anyone’s life. It can support buying an enormous home but it cannot buy a real relationship. So money just gives us a quick-term of pleasure. it had been just temporary, not permanent. It can’t fix any broken relationship. So it’s proven that cash only buys the items which we’ll have for a quick period, things like love, trust, happiness are difficult to buy for with money. So spending your precious time together with your loved ones will offer you happiness.

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