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  • Ishita

    October 3, 2021 at 6:00 pm
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    Sugar may be a vital element in every household. we’d like sugar in our desserts and sometimes we’ve it with tea and occasional. it’s certainly very delicious, but sometimes it leads to many effects on our health. I’m not telling you that we should always not eat a small little bit of it, but it can have numerous terrible effects if you eat an excessive amount. There are some issues if you eat tons of sugar, let’s learn-


    It is a known truth that eating tons of sugar can gain weight. The studies show that the people that eat sweets, sweet foods and beverages tend to weigh more. they will gain 1.7pound in but two months. they need risks of type two diabetes. Fat cells are inflamed by sugar which increases weight gain.

    Affect on teeth:-

    Sugar is so bad for our teeth. We probably have listened to it from boyhood. Our parents told us to consume slighter sugar. It causes a cavity. The cavity-creating bacteria like to eat sugar. So it’s incredible if you eat sugar within a boundary, particularly for children under the age of 12.

    Affect on heart:-

    Eating extra sugar can affect the arteries of your body which cause growing their walls thicker, this stretches your heart and damages it. It can cause heart diseases like attack, coronary failure and stroke. Eating less sugar can manage your vital sign properly which may be a major factor of a heart condition.

    Affect on skin:-

    Fat cells are inflamed through sugar, which constructs your skin to age rapidly. The blood cells are connected to extra sugar that creates fatal molecules named AGEs. It harms the elastin and collagen of your skin, which comes out in inkling and saggy skin.

    Affect on the liver:-

    Sugar can badly affect our liver. Sugar contains fructose, which may damage our liver. It causes diseases like Non- alcoholic liver disease and Non- alcoholic steatohepatitis. This disease can cause very harmful consequences like liver transplants.

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